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    We transform the way people work together


    Team Performance Indicator

    Transform teams – Measure teamwork against 16 key elements.

    Looking at the team using the colour model to light the way helps unearth issues that are blocking progress, builds trust and understanding and clears the way for better ways of working.

    Following considerable research, we have developed a highly-regarded tool to enable teamwork to be measured and, critically, used as a benchmark for continued performance improvement. The Team Performance Indicator works well for any team, regardless of level or stage of evolution.

    • All team members complete a 10-minute questionnaire consisting of 48 statements that relate to 16 key elements that are vital to a team’s effectiveness – from the “harder” elements such as processes and planning to the “soft” elements of trust and atmosphere.
    • Responses are aggregated to produce a Team Performance Indicator Report, which highlights the perceived strengths of the team and shines a light on areas in possible need of attention; custom parameters can also be put into play to address significant outstanding issues.
    • With such clarity, and with each individual’s perspective being heard alongside expert, independent facilitation, the team can unpick the issues and agree collective strategies to achieve better team results. 
    • To measure the continued improvement of the team, the exercise can be re-run
      at regular, agreed intervals to unblock any continuing barriers.


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