Three principles that you must be aware of and that may assist you are as follows:

1. The more you see someone as being like you, the faster you will build trust with them.

When you hear yourself saying, ‘They’re on the same wavelength as me’, or ‘They
understand where I’m coming from’, it is likely that they are similar to you psychologically.

2. Listening to others builds their trust in you.

Everyone wants to be understood! By actively listening to another person, and demonstrating that we have ‘heard’ them, we create a foundation for a more open, trusting relationship.

3. Treating others the way they would like to be treated will improve the communication.

Simple, really — don’t raise your voice to someone who perceives that to be aggressive! Don’t mumble or beat about the bush with someone who wants a clear and direct answer now. Both actions are inappropriate to the person and will not get the result you were hoping for. Instead, work with the Golden Rule — ‘Do unto others as THEY would be done unto’.



So given that it is important to adapt — how do you do it?

Three simple steps you may wish to consider are as follows:

Step 1. Understand yourself.

Revisit your profile and your colour energies, recognise your communication
preferences and how these may be perceived by others, especially those ‘not like you’.

Step 2. Think about the colour energies and preferences you see
exhibited in the person you wish to connect more effectively with.

Write down what you think their colour energies are. Remember, this just describes
their style! Recognise their different needs and value their different opinions.

Step 3. Compare your colour energies with theirs.

Are there any commonalities? If your top colour energy is different to theirs do you
have a common secondary energy that you may be able to connect with? Consciously
bring to mind the behaviours you will need to express more of and those you may need to
hold back on. Always keep in mind the motto of the person you are wishing to connect with.

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