James Hampton

Development Director

James Hampton‘s Discovery Profile

People fascinate James: what motivates them to do what they do and what happens between them when they come together.

This fascination has been the focus of James’ career for over a decade and has enabled him to work with some incredible teams and leaders at all levels in a variety of industries, from F1 Williams and RNLI through to Financial Traders and Universities.

The diversity within our client base has provided James with a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience and has assisted his own growth in how to approach the delivery of team, leadership and organisation wide programmes in different sectors.

James’ focus when working with clients is to achieve tangible results, coupled with a step-change in confidence in every individual. James believes that confidence is a core belief which exists in every one of us and, when harnessed, creates a significant and permanent change in behaviour, relationships and performance in and out of the workplace setting.

James helps teams and leaders find their confidence by creating a meaningful shift in self-awareness that gets teams and leaders thinking differently about themselves and others. James’ role as Development Director at The Colour Works gives him the creative space to draw on a wide range of qualifications in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Mindfulness, Biofeedback, Psychometrics and The Insights Discovery Model of Behaviours. This coupled with his innovative and diverse thinking, enable James to create and establish programmes, diagnostics and tools to measure personal and team performance.

James’ passion is visceral in everything he does. His clients describe him as motivational, energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and compassionate in approach.